Our Faculty

Taita Juanito Chindoy, Indigenous Wisdom Keeper & Spiritual Advisor To The Four Visions Integration Program

Taita Juanito is a spiritual leader, healer, traditional botanist, and medicine man, and the founder of Finca Ambiwasi, a traditional plant medicine center in Colombia. He is from the Ingano tribe and is from the lower Putumayo region of Colombia. Taita has been studying and carrying the torch of his people for over 30 years, and has supported over 20,000 people all over the world in their healing journey. Taita Juanito also offers his wisdom through his powerful botanical medicine products that include traditional Amazonian tinctures and healing lotions, all formulated using the recipes of his ancestors. He has been in alliance with Four Visions for many years, and his products and offerings have been an integral part of our platform.

Taita Juan is a master teacher and healer that has dedicated his life's work to serving humanity. He works with a tireless dedication to the mission of helping alleviate humanity from suffering through his work with the ancient and sacred plant medicine of Yage.

Taita Juanito serves as the Spiritual Advisor to our Integration Program. He has given us counsel throughout the entire development, as well as placed this program at the altar of his ancestors, praying for its success and the ability to organize a design that services the western world in our integration from ancestral plant medicine experiences. He is present as one of the core teachers in our digital content series, as well as offers his long-distance prayer blessings for participants of our program. We are grateful for his trust, support, and endorsement in this endeavor.

Mariah Gannessa, Founder of Four Visions & Integration Faculty Member

Mariah has spent the last decade immersed in the healing cultures of the Amazon and has dedicated her life’s work to the plants and the peoples of the Amazon Rainforest. She has been a beloved student of Taita Juanito and the culture of Yagé for many years now, and has a plethora of wisdom to share when it comes to sustaining the plant medicine path. As a mother and medicine woman, she draws upon her devotion to the Earth Mother to support people in navigating the many different lenses of the healing journey. One of her passions is educating people about how to walk the medicine path in a good way, with awareness and respect for the ancestral wisdom cultures and from a place of sacred reciprocity.

Mariah is the founder of Four Visions, and it has been a great honor for her to steward the evolution of the organization and now launch this Integration Program. She oversaw the development of the entire curriculum, based on her years of work with plant medicines. She also serves on the board of MAGIC Fund Amazon, a non profit organization devoted to preserving the Indigenous peoples, culture, and lands of the Putumayo region of southern Colombia.

Mariah teaches in both the digital content series and Ancient Wisdom Library, as well in one-on-one sessions.

Mishy Matthews, Four Visions Integration Specialist

A Modern Day Medicine Woman, Transformational Coach and Energy Alchemist for those on the path of empowerment who want to align with their intuition, trust their path and unleash their inner magic. Through her own healing journey and working with sacred plant medicines and the Taitas of the Ingano lineage from Colombia, Mishy shares her knowledge of plant medicine integration from a place of loving compassion and joy.

 Mishy has been on a spiritual path for many years, and has an extensive list of certifications and training that she calls upon in her practice. Some of her areas of expertise include: Certified Mastery Coach, Certified in the Transformational Coaching Method, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Emotion Code Practitioner, Sound Healing Practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist.  

 Mishy has also been a core team member of Four Visions, heading our Customer Service Department since 2020. We are excited to have her on board as we expand in this new venture, as Integration Program Director, spearheading and overseeing all of the logistical and support needs of our community. You will also see her in the role of Integration Specialist in both one-on-one sessions, group integration calls, and as one of the teachers in the Digital Content Series.

Leo Cordero, Shamanic Healer & Spiritual Guide

A researcher of the spiritual path and a student of life, Leonardo is a Shamanic Healer, Guide, and Medicine Man with tremendous wisdom to share from over 20 devoted years of study. Leo also has a background in Ayurveda, Holistic Nutrition, Yoga, and Meditation. He calls upon this vast array of tools to support people in finding true fulfillment through lasting sustainable change.

  We are thrilled and honored to welcome Leo onto the faculty in his role of spiritual guide, to support those who need spiritual orientation, direction, and wisdom counsel. Through Leo’s consultations, you will have the opportunity to receive life-changing guidance and orientation. His sessions are best for those who are feeling very lost, confused, or having stronger/more intense experiences in their integration process. Leo’s wealth of wisdom, steady commitment to the path, and loving support is the perfect compliment to our faculty and we are so grateful for his presence amongst our team. You will also have the opportunity to learn from Abuelo Leo in the pre-recorded content series.


Manuel Gavilán Pérez, Family Constellations Facilitator

Manuel lived a fruitful career in business, but his own life challenges led him to seek tools to help him make sense of the experiences he was having in his professional landscape. From there, he discovered incredible practices such as transcendental meditation, Sudarshan Kriya, Relational Ontological Coaching, Family Constellations as other innovative systemic tools of great use for consulting, planning, evaluation, management of change and development processes in companies, institutions, work teams and people.

He comes to us in partnership with his wife, Paola, to service our program through their joint offerings of both individual Family Constellation Sessions & recorded teachings in our digital content series. Their work together is incredibly powerful, healing, & catalyzing.

Paola Andrea Bocanegra Hernández, Conscious Relationships Mentor + Family Constellations Facilitator

Paola is a researcher of human relationships, self-knowledge and personal development. Her interest in integrating science, biology, and spirituality with social issues has led her to design and lead transformation and relational awareness training. She and her husband Manuel have spent the last 20 years studying the art of relating. They have had the opportunity to study under Bert Hellinger, Jan Jacob Stam and Anton De Kroon, three pioneers in the field of family constellations and family systems.

Paola has a slew of certifications and trainings under her belt, including but not limited to: Organizational Management, Systems Psychology, Collective Communication Sciences and Production Design; Certifications in Relational Ontological Coaching, Family and Organizational Configurations/Constellations, PSYCH-K Facilitator. Womb Healing Facilitator, Angelology, Thanatology and Alternative Therapist.

Paola & Manuel specialize in accompanying people in processes of repair, reconciliation, and reconnection through the lens of family, ancestry, and relationships. Their unique therapy sessions are an opportunity to organize all the relationships in your life from a place of love. During both their individual sessions as well as the module they offer in the digital content series, you will have the opportunity to learn various tools and techniques to create healthy relationships and to use them as a guiding pillar to deepen your inner work.


Jocelyn Gonzalez, Mayan Calendar Reading & Consultation

Jocelyn Gonzalez is a dedicated soul on a spiritual path, immersing herself in the realms of meditation, plant medicine, and ancient traditions. As a certified Transformational Coach for Addiction Recovery and Psychedelic Integration, she brings a wealth of experience, complemented by certifications in trauma recovery, reiki mastery, and roles as a meditation and breathwork instructor. She is a long-time student of Taita Juanito and of the indigenous wisdom he represents.

Jocelyn’s path has led her to profound studies and extensive diets with the Shipibo, Q’ero, Huni Kuin, and Umbandaime communities in Peru and Brazil. Delving into her family’s roots in the highlands of Guatemala, she studied the Mayan calendar and apprenticed under several Ajq’ij. In her sessions, Jocelyn opens a space for you to explore and integrate these diverse spiritual practices.


Giving Back

We are committed to providing the resources, teachings, and educational tools to help you navigate the world of plant spirit medicine. The Four Visions ecosystem was designed and built on the principle of Sacred Reciprocity.

From our beyond fair trade model; to our paying-it- forward initiatives with Magic Fund Amazon and our other partner non-profits; to ensuring accessibility for all in our new Integration Program through our robust scholarship initiative…

Everything we do is a prayer. We are here to integrate ancient plant medicine into the modern world, from a place of integrity and service. Join us…